Timber Treatments

damaged timber

Timber treatments

Timber is one of the great natural resources that we have and has many uses. It is used as a basic building material to construct our homes, is used to make furniture both in the home and garden and can be turned into beautiful artwork. Contact Burnham Surveyors in Somerset today and let us help you extend your timbers lifespan.

Woodworm, wet and dry rot treatments 

Timber is vulnerable to attack from wood boring insects and damp and fungi. It therefore needs protection from all of these to extend its working life.
We can offer a comprehensive range of high quality services including structural beam and joist end repairs, replacement floors and specialist treatments to repair and protect timber from these problems. Guarantees are available for specialists timber treatments. Should you need an application or require help with a specific problem, our technical advisers are here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us today. 
Timber treatments and repairs are vital in extending its lifespan. Call Burnham Surveyors in Somerset today on 0117 230 2050 or 01823 429 455
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