Solid Wall Insulation

wall insulation

Solid wall insulation in Somerset

Solid wall insulation is a layer of insulation fixed to the outside or inside walls of your home. Contact Burnham Surveyors today for more information on our services.

Insulate your outside walls to keep the heat inside 

House’s built before the 1920s usually have solid rather than cavity walls. Solid walls tend to let more heat escape from the home than cavity walls. Solid wall insulation will help reduce the heat travelling through your home's walls, which ultimately will help you to reduce your fuel bills. It will also help to make your home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. We can also install weatherproof coatings which can help enhance the look of your home.
Solid wall insulation requires a little preparation but the professionals at Burnham Surveyors will take care of everything. We’ll handle delivery of the scaffolding, materials and skip, as well as arrange for their removal. Please call us today for more information on how we can help you.
graphic of wall
graphic of wall insulation process
For solid wall insulation carried out by a qualified surveyor, call Burnham Surveyors in Somerset on 
0117 230 2050 or 01823 429 455
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