Property Reports

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Property reports

Our bespoke property reports give home owners, tenants and buyers information on the condition of their property.  Call Burnham Surveyors in Somerset today to see how we can help you.

Property reports for your peace of mind

Property reports detail any defects, give condition ratings and describe any specialist remedial measures that may be required. This offers peace of mind to any property occupier.
We schedule noted defects under 3 categories. We highlight issues for which "no immediate repair or replacement is necessary", those where "repair or replacement requiring future attention where estimates should be sought".
Most importantly those issues for which "urgent repair or replacement is required. If left unattended additional problems are likely to arise, possibly requiring further works beyond the scope of those recommendations mentioned in the report and possibly resulting in health and safety issues. These matters should be addressed as a matter of urgency."
We are able to provide quotations and company guarantees for specialist repair or refurbishment works as may be required.  Should you need our help or advice do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.
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Whether you're a home owner, tenant or buyer, a property report will provide you with all the information you need. Call Burnham Surveyors in Somerset today on
0117 230 2050 or 01823 429 455
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