Loft Insulation

loft insulation

Loft insulation in Somerset

At Burnham Surveyors, we provide specialist loft insulation teams to place insulation quilts into your traditional pitched roofs.

Save money when you invest in loft insulation 

As depths of insulation have increased in recent years, so has the level of expertise and attention to detail necessary to carry out satisfactory work.

Compared to a loft that isn't insulated, homeowners can achieve payback in only 1 year, as well as potentially saving 730kgs of CO2 emissions per year. If you are topping up your loft, you will still save enough money in four years to pay for your initial investment.
new loft being insulated

graphic of building surveying

Rely on Burnham Surveyors

We install high quality glass fibre quilts supplied by international manufacturer Knauf. Our installers are all trained to the highest standards, ensuring that whether material is being installed into the roof for the first time or topped up over existing insulation, all work is carried out quickly, competently and with minimum disruption.
Are you looking to save money with wall or loft insulationCall the professionals at Burnham Surveyors in Somerset today on 
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