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External water repellent in Somerset

Many of the mechanisms leading to building damage are directly or indirectly connected with penetrating damp.  Contact Burnham Surveyors for more information on how we can help you.

Keep the external water out of your home

Penetrating damp is where water penetrates the building material and is absorbed into the building material, which then continues to travel through to the internal surfaces of the building. It is this penetrating damp that often carries salts and other pollutants from the atmosphere into the facade of the building. The physical properties of the building material also change, rising dramatically and reducing insulation as the moisture content increases.

Because water has such good heat conductivity, a reduction in the moisture content of a material always increases the thermal insulation properties of the building substrate, improves the indoor environment and also saves valuable energy.‚Äč
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water repellent installation

Expert water repellent installation

To protect your property from penetrating damp and reduce the risk of the associated problems caused, we highly recommend the application of a water repellent to all exposed external masonry surfaces. By applying an external water repellent will not only stop penetrating damp, but you will also reduce the heat lost through your walls. A dry brick conducts just 30% of the heat lost through a damp one.

Our water repellents do not affect the substrate appearance. They leave a waterproof surface but still allow the substrate to "breathe".

For help with the application of external water repellent to your property please contact us today - we’re here to help.
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